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"Big Data Changes Everything" Hewlett Packard Discusses Business Change with Big Data

by Lavanya Rammohan 29. July 2014 08:02
On July 23, Hewlett Packard had a webcast that detailed the direction of the company and their innovative products, apps and platforms that have been “built from the ground up”. It was a data intensive webcast with more focus on HP rather than generic or Big Data questions. The CEO Meg Whitman kick started the webcast with a brief on HP’s performance: says HP has turned a corner and on a clear path to success as they have done the difficult things to bring the company to a stable footing. The company has reinforced focus on establishing most important relationships being empl... [More]

The Next Wave of Mobile Competition: Small & Mid-Sized Business (SMB)

by Stephanie Atkinson 24. July 2014 19:22
U.S. carriers and many of the larger technology vendors have long focused on two ends of the customer spectrum. On one end providing direct attention to very large businesses (enterprise) and corporations, and on the other end the ever so fickle consumer market. This is especially the case in mobile. Yes, there are many that have offerings and even sections on their site targeted to small businesses, but from an overall planning, spending, and marketing perspective these customers have not been the top priority for most larger tech companies. There is a shifting trend to focus on the under-ser... [More]

Smartphone U.S. Forecast: Becoming a Pervasive Digital Companion

by Gerry Purdy 23. July 2014 08:01
   Smartphones are 85% of shipping units & 69% of active subscribers. Managing your life with your smartphone.         I remember a call I had with a journalist in 2007 right after the launch of the iPhone. Most of the cell phones up until then were, simply, cell phones. I told the reporter that the new iPhone was going to begin a wave of really 'smart' phones defined by those that incorporated a full-fledged mobile operating system and enabled third parties to develop applications.    Of course, the rise of t... [More]

How Collaboration Across Eco-system can strike the right balance and increase adoption of smart factories

by Lavanya Rammohan 21. July 2014 07:56
Smart factories are becoming increasingly real as new initiatives such as Industry 4.0 arise. The trend, phenomena or business concept (whatever the terminology) of a smart factory, at its heart is about enabling transparency and flow of information. This has a significant impact on design for manufacturing, the communication protocols across equipment, global sites and supplier network. While there has been a lot of hype and expectation with regards to smart factories, the awareness has never been as strong as it is today. A look at smart factories from the enabler’s perspective: - Comp... [More]

What Barnes & Noble Should Do with Nook

by Gerry Purdy 9. July 2014 16:03
Nook should power content & services across a broad class of devices including PCs, tablets, eReaders & smartphones.               On Thursday, June 26, Barnes & Noble (B&N) announced they were spinning off the Nook division from the book division. The announcement was likely due to B&N being unable to find a buyer for Nook and its tentacles.   When William Lynch joined Barnes & Noble in March 2010, he focused a lot of his time on building the Nook digital division. I said at the time that B&N s... [More]

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