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Meet Our Sponsors for Go Mobile 2014

by Stephanie Atkinson 28. August 2014 16:57
GO MOBILE 2014 - MEET OUR SPONSORS   October 13 - 15  |  Dallas, TX Go Mobile 2014 is around the corner. Starting on October 13, the conference will bring together industry leaders in the mobile & wireless and M2M market to exchange ground breaking ideas and best practices with Enterprise IT decision-makers. This collaboration will lead to innovative strategies that will help transform organizations. Agenda Register Now!          PLATINUM SPONSORS Samsung   Samsung Telecommunica... [More]

BYOD is Killing Corporate Liable Contracts In Wireless

by Stephanie Atkinson 25. August 2014 15:37
BYOD is Killing Corporate Liable Contracts In Wireless Comments  Share on LinkedIn  Share on Facebook  Share on Google Pluse  Share on Twitter Death of Corporate Liable contracts? Bring Your Own Device (both smartphones and tablets) or BYOD is coming whether we like it or not. Employees are bringing in their own personal devices and using them for business purposes (accessing corporate email, accessing client data and applications) at a growing rate (40% of almost 6K surveyed by Compass Intelligence say their employers allow and know they use their persona... [More]

Microsoft’s Indigestion from Acquiring Nokia

by Gerry Purdy 8. August 2014 11:11
It’s not going to take 31,000 additional employees to manage the Nokia product line. Hopefully, Stephen Elop will end up with a great mobile devices management team and start to offer customers great mobile products.  If I were a fly on the wall listening to a senior staff meeting at Microsoft regarding the acquisition of Nokia, CEO Satya Nadella likely started off the meeting with something like, “Ok, so we now have the Nokia assets. How many people does it take to manage them?  And, once we know that, how do we apply the best resources to most efficiently manage them g... [More]

Apple & IBM: A Marriage Made in Heaven

by Gerry Purdy 31. July 2014 12:10
Apple gets better representation in the enterprise. IBM gets to join iOS devices with cloud services & big data analytics to provide enterprises with integrated mobility solutions.      What do you think of when see or hear the word "Apple" in reference to technology? The answer is likely 'consumer' or 'really cool products' or, perhaps, 'iPhone' or 'iPad'. Conversely, what do you think of when you see or hear "IBM"? Most likely, you'll think 'enterprise' or 'information technology'. Based on those identifying descriptors, you wouldn't think that these two companies wo... [More]

"Big Data Changes Everything" Hewlett Packard Discusses Business Change with Big Data

by Lavanya Rammohan 29. July 2014 08:02
On July 23, Hewlett Packard had a webcast that detailed the direction of the company and their innovative products, apps and platforms that have been “built from the ground up”. It was a data intensive webcast with more focus on HP rather than generic or Big Data questions. The CEO Meg Whitman kick started the webcast with a brief on HP’s performance: says HP has turned a corner and on a clear path to success as they have done the difficult things to bring the company to a stable footing. The company has reinforced focus on establishing most important relationships being empl... [More]

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