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Misdirected Hype! Enterprise IoT & Wearables Advance Operations.

by Stephanie Atkinson 15. December 2014 13:12
Much of the hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions is centered on the consumer, but this is expected to change or at least I hope it will soon. We are inundated with articles, press, and other media around smart homes, connected vehicles, mHealth, and consumer wearables. [More]


by Kate Pearce 13. November 2014 18:07
Each quarter, a team of wireless analysts at Compass Intelligence comb through financial documents to analyze, define and make sense of the wireless industry by collecting and collocating metrics and facts. To do this, we peruse the financials of the four major carriers and many of the regional providers. This includes 10-Q reports, carrier earnings presentations, banking reports and earnings transcripts. We seek to compare metrics and identify changes/trends in the industry to help formulate a better story for our clients. Here is a snapshot of some of the things what we saw i... [More]

The New Gold Standard in Management Excellence

by Keith Robinson 12. November 2014 10:50
Everyone is familiar with the gold standard that was set by GE as the breeding ground for CEO’s. GE’s legacy of strong leadership from the likes of Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt has been studied by many. Furthermore, several companies have incorporated some of GE’s best practices into their organizations. Today technology companies are faced with multiple challenges that require unique approaches. Some of these challenges include: Developing a strong workforce that can handle the rapid advancement of mobile technology Transitioning from historical core markets to disruptive eme... [More]


Snapshot Assessment of Kore’s Acquisition of Raco Wireless

by Keith Robinson 11. November 2014 10:01
Today’s announcement of Kore Telematics acquisition of Raco Wireless has the potential to create the most dynamic MVNO in the M2M/IoT market. Once the M&A is complete, Kore will have the largest number of cellular connections for an MVNO in the U.S. The M&A will give the company the size and scale it needs for accelerated growth and operational efficiencies. Furthermore, it will give the company the foundation it needs to be a major player in other geographies of the world. Below is a short-list of what Compass Intelligence views as key impacts to this M&A: Increased growth ... [More]

Biometrics Comes of Age for Mobile Applications - EyeVerify Launches Eyeprint ID v2.0

by Lavanya Rammohan 3. November 2014 17:59
The pervasiveness of IoT and M2M connectivity with the usage of smartphones is transforming and compounding security concerns. There is an increased and much needed focus on securing data collection, analysis and storage. With so much data floating around, there are too many opportunities for unauthorized data access. Whether it relates to the complex system within smart retailing or banking, security aspects surrounding data security has never been more stringent. There are major implications for all industry players across the ecosystem and end-consumers alike. Thus far, security aspects hav... [More]

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