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How Collaboration Across Eco-system can strike the right balance and increase adoption of smart factories

by Lavanya Rammohan 21. July 2014 07:56
Smart factories are becoming increasingly real as new initiatives such as Industry 4.0 arise. The trend, phenomena or business concept (whatever the terminology) of a smart factory, at its heart is about enabling transparency and flow of information. This has a significant impact on design for manufacturing, the communication protocols across equipment, global sites and supplier network. While there has been a lot of hype and expectation with regards to smart factories, the awareness has never been as strong as it is today. A look at smart factories from the enabler’s perspective: - Comp... [More]

What Barnes & Noble Should Do with Nook

by Gerry Purdy 9. July 2014 16:03
Nook should power content & services across a broad class of devices including PCs, tablets, eReaders & smartphones.               On Thursday, June 26, Barnes & Noble (B&N) announced they were spinning off the Nook division from the book division. The announcement was likely due to B&N being unable to find a buyer for Nook and its tentacles.   When William Lynch joined Barnes & Noble in March 2010, he focused a lot of his time on building the Nook digital division. I said at the time that B&N s... [More]

Are you realizing your investment in M2M/IoT?

by Keith Robinson 8. July 2014 08:02
“Hype or reality”, this is what’s on the top of the minds of most C-level executives when it comes to M2M/IoT. C-level executives are questioning the validity of M2M/IoT because they have not seen an ROI that justifies the investment. Before we dig deeper we need to investigate the cause of this hype. The size and growth rates that analyst firms and companies that have a stake in the M2M/IoT market throw out defy logic. These large numbers have no historical precedent or real basis. Furthermore, it omits input from potential customers that dominate their respective vertical market. In several instances, the voice of the customer tells the real story, if there truly is real market potential but this often gets lost in the hype machine. [More]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A Sign of Future Laptops?

by Gerry Purdy 2. July 2014 16:02
  Since it's a laptop, it needs to include a keyboard. In order to replace laptops, the laptop graphics processors need to drive high res 23" to 30" external displays with keyboard and mouse.          Just how thin and light should a laptop be? For the past 10 years, that question has driven a lot of the innovation in manufacturing laptops. The thickness used to be driven by the size of the hard disk drive (HDD) and the width and height driven by the size of the screen with traditional sizes being ranging from the petite 11.3" to ... [More]

Fire Phone: Living Inside Amazon's Ecosystem

by Gerry Purdy 25. June 2014 15:05
"Firefly finds over 100 million objects in a matter of seconds. Dynamic Perspective gives developers pseudo-3D imaging & other controls."      -->     "This phone is on fire ..." Adapted from Alicia Keys "This Girl is on Fire" Sung by Brian Tong, CNET Live   On Wednesday, June 18, Amazon introduced the Fire Phone. It seemed inevitable that Amazon would develop and release a smartphone at some point. After all, they were quite successful releasing the Kindle Paperwhite eBook reader and, then, the Kindle Fire tablet, ea... [More]

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