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by Keith Robinson 28. January 2015 15:36
PREDICTION 1 - THE CONNECTED CAR MARKET IS PRIMED FOR ROBUST GROWTH IN 2015 4G/LTE is going to be the key enabler of new and exciting solutions being offered to customers. Compass Intelligence is also predicting that 2015 will be the year companies crack the code on how to maintain internet enabled service renewals after the initial trial period. This has been a major challenge in the past with other services such as satellite radio. The value proposition is very robust with in-vehicle wireless broadband, and companies are developing new business models to increase renewal rates. One question ... [More]

The Outlook for Sensors in M2M & IoT

by Lavanya Rammohan 28. January 2015 10:04
Source: WT VOX Imagining a connected world with people interacting through virtual reality, smart and automated homes that work at the touch of finger on any mobile device, smart cities and smarter infrastructure, fully automated vehicles, smart and intelligent cloud technology is no longer mind boggling or much of a challenge. We are living in this reality and all indicators point to an increasingly connected world which is made possible through sensors. Sensors help transmit Information and this real-time communication has become a powerful tool reshaping M2M connectivity and applications it... [More]


by Imran Khan 23. January 2015 09:03
Introduction International CES 2015 lived up to its usual hype in that it featured a range of innovative/advanced technologies across a broad spectrum of industries including computing & communications, entertainment & gaming, health/fitness wearables, home automation, next-generation automotive electronics, and a host of other segments.  The show featured 3,600 exhibitors including nearly 400 startup companies that displayed a variety of products targeted at various consumer segments.  This article highlights some of the more prominent technology trends observed at CES 2015 ... [More]

2015 Compass Intelligence Awards Luncheon at International CES

by Dilip Sarangan 15. January 2015 11:45
The Alphabet Soup of IoT, M2M, Industrial Internet, IoE dominates CES Compass Intelligence held its second annual Awards luncheon at CES on Wed, Jan. 7 in South Hall of LVCC, Room S228. This event included four categories of mobile awards: 1) Mobility Awards, 2) A-List in M2M (machine-to-machine) Awards, 3) the Bamboo Mobile Green Technology awards, and 4) Customer & Digital Experience awards. The event was attended by members of the press who write about mobile and wireless. At the end of the event, a press release has been issued announcing all the winners of the 2015 Compass Intelligen... [More]

Misdirected Hype! Enterprise IoT & Wearables Advance Operations.

by Stephanie Atkinson 15. December 2014 13:12
Much of the hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions is centered on the consumer, but this is expected to change or at least I hope it will soon. We are inundated with articles, press, and other media around smart homes, connected vehicles, mHealth, and consumer wearables. [More]

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