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Microsoft Completes the Acquisition of Nokia's Mobile Device Business: Now the Hard Part - Making it Work

by Gerry Purdy 9. May 2014 14:11
  Will Microsoft use the Nokia brand? Will they continue the Nokia X Series Android smartphones? Will they let the Nokia team drive Microsoft's future mobile initiatives?   (Hypothetical Brand)     Last Friday, April 25, Microsoft announced that it completed the acquisition of the mobile device business from Nokia. They also licensed Nokia Here location platform for 10 years and licensed various Nokia patents for a total of $7.1 billion (US). Because of the transaction, Microsoft gets 25,000 Nokia additional employees. Nokia will continue to operate, for... [More]

Microsoft Office for iOS: New CEO Satya Nedella Makes a Smart First Move

by Gerry Purdy 1. April 2014 12:28
  Word, Excel and PowerPoint (finally) comes to iOS. Microsoft needs to offer Outlook 2013 ASAP to complete the offering.  Last week, Microsoft made an important announcement.On Thursday, March 27, the company announced that the number one app suite of all time – Microsoft Office – would be available on the iPad. To be sure, the initial version only includes three of the four core Office apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The fourth app – Outlook – was not included – at least not initially. Office for the iPad is free to download and view... [More]

Concerns about Mobile and Multi-Tasking

by Gerry Purdy 26. March 2014 11:10
  With a lot of practice, smartphone users can get very good at multi-tasking. Mediocre at everything & excellent at nothing. We need to remember to practice critical thinking. There’s no doubt that the development of the smartphone has been a good thing for society in general. We can not only call anyone in the world but we can also send texts and videos, check email and browse the web. It’s the one device in which we can take a pause get something productively done in just a few seconds. But, instead of just checking on things a few times a day, many – particular... [More]

Mobile Does Backflips at GSMA Mobile World Congress

by Gerry Purdy 18. March 2014 11:50
  Nokia flips to Android. Samsung flips to Tizen. Netflix flips to pay Comcast for quality service. And the Ukraine flips from oligarchy to democracy. What a week! There are three large mobile and wireless trade shows each year: 1) International CES in January in Las Vegas, 2) GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February in Barcelona and 3) the CTIA Wireless show in September in Las Vegas. I have attended a number of the MWC events in past years but not this year. Even so, there have already been a number of significant announcements – many which seem to be companies doing somethin... [More]

Room to Grow in the mobile health market- and in the news “Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator”

by Lavanya Rammohan 7. March 2014 16:09
  What will shape the future of mobile health- There seems to be a lot of fuss and rethinking of strategies but less reflection on where the challenges and commercialization lies The mobile health market has been touted as the “next big thing” or game changer for a few years now. Only a few companies have made encouraging progress in increasing tangible opportunities and revenues. For most enterprising companies, the surface has been barely scratched in the mobile health market. Sprint is taking a different approach by fostering an entrepreneurship spirit that will posit... [More]

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