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SRCH2: Optimizing Internal Search on Web Sites, Intranets, Enterprise Databases & Mobile Devices

by Gerry Purdy 19. December 2013 10:42
  Sizes of web sites, intranets, enterprise databases & mobile devices are growing very fast. SRCH2 solves the local search problem.            Search is undergoing a new renaissance period. We had the PC centric days when Google unseated Inktomi by offering a better, faster search even before it was discovered that companies would pay dearly to have the search engine find them (which today has made Google one of the most valuable companies in the world). Both Google as well as Microsoft's Bing are the two leading search engines for the Internet. Bing i... [More]

Digital/Mobile Etiquette

by Gerry Purdy 11. December 2013 10:14
  We need to be more sensitive about when and where we use our mobile device. Being polite is nice.          You've likely witnessed someone talking on the phone in a restaurant and feel like your privacy has been invaded. Or, even worse, if you're the girl in the above photo who has gone on a first date perhaps set up through a dating service like, you definitely feel it hasn't started off well. She may have felt that his profile was excellent - good carrier, good looks but then he spent most of the time on his smartphone texting and talking ... [More]

Here's Why Samsung Has Achieved Such Tremendous Success in Smartphones

by Gerry Purdy 6. December 2013 10:06
  They focus on best-in-class industrial design, volume manufacturing and worldwide distribution. They are also very successful in enterprise mobility. However, it's more challenging for them to win big in tablets.      Samsung has grown from a member of a group of manufacturers of Android-based smartphones to become the worldwide leader in just a few short years. Lots of stories talk about the results. I thought it would be good to take a peek inside and analyze what happened that resulted in Samsung's global success in smartphones.   Overall, it's clear that Samsung... [More]

IBM's Synergistic Acquisition of Fiberlink MaaS360

by Gerry Purdy 20. November 2013 09:58
  Firm's MobileFirst initiative now offers a comprehensive cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) solution. IBM becomes a major brand in enterprise mobility.      Last week, IBM announced it was acquiring privately held Fiberlink, one of the major players in mobile device management (MDM) and security. The terms of the acquisition were not announced, but some financial analysts  peg the deal at around $150 million which provides adequate return to Fiberlink's investors that include GE Capital and Gold Sachs.   This is a very interesting acquisition from a num... [More]

For America Recycles Day, check out our new reuse and recycling report

by Kate Pearce 14. November 2013 08:00
  As our tagline goes here at Bamboo Mobile, we are tracking the reuse and recycling market one device at a time. This time, I’m excited to talk about a newly-published Reuse and Recycling Survey and Market report coming out on November 15th, just in time for America Recycles Day.  The new report provides insights and results from our user study where we asked nearly 1,200 mobile phone users questions about their attitudes around device reuse and recycling. Moreover, we compared results to our historic survey data from 2011 and 2012 when we first began studying this... [More]

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