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Apple's Conundrum: Increasing iPhone & iPad Sales but Decreasing Market Share

by Gerry Purdy 29. January 2014 10:47
  Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Apple is doing very well but financial analysts are worried about decreasing market share in smartphones and tablets. Apple needs t... [More]

2014 CES & Compass Intelligence Mobility Awards Luncheon

by Gerry Purdy 22. January 2014 16:00
  Wearables, connected car and digital health & fitness highlighted CES. Compass Awards luncheon well attended by the press.   Compass Intelligence held its first annual Awards luncheon at CES on Wed, Jan. 8 in South Hall, Room S228. This event included three classes of mobile awards: 1) Mobility Awards, 2) A-List in M2M (machine-to-machine) Awards and 3) the Bamboo Mobile Green Technology awards. The event was attended by members of the press who write about mobile and wireless. A press release at this <LINK> has been issued announcing all the winners of the 2014 Mobili... [More]

Kindle Fuels Amazon's Mobile Engine

by Gerry Purdy 15. January 2014 03:00
  While succeeding in both tablets and eReaders, Amazon would also succeed if they built a smartphone.     You have to hand it to Amazon. Here's an online book seller turned online store for just about everything that also sells Cloud storage and services. Amazon produced their first successful eReader when they brought out the original Kindle eReader in November 2007.   Although Amazon doesn't publish shipment data, Compass Intelligence estimates Amazon achieved sales of around 18.2 million in 2013 for their Kindle Fire line of tablets and (via correspondence with Michae... [More]

Mobile & Wireless Outlook for 2014

by Gerry Purdy 2. January 2014 10:14
  Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry plus wearables and mobile fitness highlight the major mobile trends for 2014.           I love writing my annual mobile and wireless outlook. Looking back over the past years, I find that I do a pretty good job at identifying major trends, although some of them take more than a year to materialize. It also serves as a call to arms for the vendors where they try to live up to my prognostications as if I'm often setting up a challenge which they try to meet or exceed. I have divided this year's outlook into Big Issues, Young Innovativ... [More]

SRCH2: Optimizing Internal Search on Web Sites, Intranets, Enterprise Databases & Mobile Devices

by Gerry Purdy 19. December 2013 10:42
  Sizes of web sites, intranets, enterprise databases & mobile devices are growing very fast. SRCH2 solves the local search problem.            Search is undergoing a new renaissance period. We had the PC centric days when Google unseated Inktomi by offering a better, faster search even before it was discovered that companies would pay dearly to have the search engine find them (which today has made Google one of the most valuable companies in the world). Both Google as well as Microsoft's Bing are the two leading search engines for the Internet. Bing i... [More]

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