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Calling all developers! Chrysler enters the connected vehicle fray with a Sprint powered ecosystem…will this be a game changer?

by James Brehm 7. August 2012 11:04
Earlier today, the latest in a never ending string of announcements in the connected vehicle/ M2M space hit the wires. Chrysler Group and Sprint announced their strategic wireless partnership just weeks after Verizon’s acquisition of Hughes Telematics, shocked the industry. What’s news here isn’t that Chrysler will have a connected Viper, or that light-duty truck owners also desire connectivity. The real news is who is powering it and how. So software geeks, start thinking about the kind of apps and services you want in your car... [More]

Telefonica is Pushing into the M2M Market

by Stephanie Atkinson 19. June 2012 22:07
Telefonica is all the buzz today, as it is expected to make a BIG announcement tomorrow. In addition, a recent article and video was also placed on the site. Please review the below article or click to view it live on [More]

"Apple Picking..."and the Epidemic of Smartphone Theft

by James Brehm 25. May 2012 16:46
Surveys show that over one-half of Americans have reported a lost or stolen cell phone over the past year. And crime statistics are even more staggering. What can be done about the problem? We may just have the answer... [More]

Are Businesses Interested in M2M? - Results and Reflection from Several 2011 Surveys

by Stephanie Atkinson 13. March 2012 07:50
M2M technology or Machine-to-Machine technology is creeping into many facets of the business world today and in fact some businesses may not even identify with the technology but more so with the applications. [More]

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