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"Apple Picking..."and the Epidemic of Smartphone Theft

by James Brehm 25. May 2012 16:46
Surveys show that over one-half of Americans have reported a lost or stolen cell phone over the past year. And crime statistics are even more staggering. What can be done about the problem? We may just have the answer... [More]

Verizon Approaches Verticals with 'Blank Slate' Tablet Solution

by Stephanie Atkinson 16. May 2012 21:02
Tablets today are not really meeting the needs of business users today, especially in specific industries or vertical markets. Let's face it most are built for consumers, yet sometimes we as consumers use our tablets for business purposes. I am certainly guilty of that with my Samsung Galaxy tab, and my husband with his iPad. [More]

What‘s the hottest new gadget out there? It may just be your old mobile phone

by Kate Pearce 16. March 2012 17:49
The wireless industry is fixated on the latest shiny device. Customers line the sidewalks to get the... [More]

Say What???….Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility

by htaylor 15. August 2011 21:57
At the risk of upsetting the other 38 vendors manufacturing Android devices, today Google made a $12... [More]

Skyperosoft? Microskype? ...the single largest acquisition for Microsoft, period.

by jbrehm 10. May 2011 11:34
With the announcement today of Microsoft acquiring Skype, reactions range from extreme skepticism by... [More]

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