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BYOD is Killing Corporate Liable Contracts In Wireless

by Stephanie Atkinson 25. August 2014 15:37
BYOD is Killing Corporate Liable Contracts In Wireless Comments  Share on LinkedIn  S... [More]

Microsoft’s Indigestion from Acquiring Nokia

by Gerry Purdy 8. August 2014 11:11
It’s not going to take 31,000 additional employees to manage the Nokia product line. Hopefully... [More]

Apple & IBM: A Marriage Made in Heaven

by Gerry Purdy 31. July 2014 12:10
Apple gets better representation in the enterprise. IBM gets to join iOS devices with cloud services... [More]

The Next Wave of Mobile Competition: Small & Mid-Sized Business (SMB)

by Stephanie Atkinson 24. July 2014 19:22
U.S. carriers and many of the larger technology vendors have long focused on two ends of the custome... [More]

Smartphone U.S. Forecast: Becoming a Pervasive Digital Companion

by Gerry Purdy 23. July 2014 08:01
   Smartphones are 85% of shipping units & 69% of active subscribers. Managing you... [More]

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