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Small Business Policies/Plans for Wireless Purchases

by Stephanie Atkinson 19. August 2010 06:47
Compass Intelligence surveyed 691 Small Business decision-makers/owners in June of 2010.   A number of interesting feedback and findings on a list of true/false questions came out of this survey.   
Most notably, it appears small business decision-makers and owners want to keep their landline phones and not replace with wireless because they want to remain a vendor in the phonebook.  

Also noteworthy, about 37% or well over one-third are interested in replacing their landline and/or Internet if the wireless alternatives were comparable in price and speed.  In addition, since about 28% may be reducing wireless corporate-liable purchases, it may be very attractive to offer company discounted flex plans or no contract plans, as well as prepaid plans that may be attractive to small business owners and buyers.  Please review the chart below to see more details.

QUESTION: "Regarding your role as a decision-maker or owner in your company/organization, please answer TRUE or FALSE to each of the following statements."   Percentages below show the percent who answered "True."


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