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A new way to look at Next-Generation M2M and Connected Devices. The beginning of something great!

by Keith Robinson 3. August 2011 10:41

Over the past three years, I have been preaching that we are on the cusp of an era where every device that can benefit from being connected via a cellular connection to the internet will be connected to the internet; and that this hyper-connectivity coupled together with cloud technologies would propel society into new ways of interacting with the world around us. And boy, are we!

After spending nearly 9 years in various positions with Frost & Sullivan, three months ago, I packed my desk and left the building for the last time for the opportunity to create and lead a new research practice focusing on Next-Gen M2M and connected devices with Compass Intelligence, a boutique consulting and market analytics firm, specializing in segment and vertical market intelligence for the high-tech and telecom industries.

Today, I am really excited. After three months of hard work and planning, we’re launching over ten (10) deliverables for “Connected Worlds”; our subscription service that explores the dynamics of the business and consumer Next-Generation cellular M2M market this week.  Through our new subscription, Compass Intelligence will attempt to provide:

  1. A Unified Definition of the Market
  2. Market Observations and Current Trends
  3. Market Size and Forecast (connections by vertical market type, bandwidth, modules )
  4. Vertical Market Segmentation
  5. Profiles of MNOs, M2MMOs, Platform Vendors, Module Vendors, Integrators, B/OSS Vendors, etc
  6. End User Needs and Wants
  7. Market Drivers, Restraints, Challenges and Opportunities
  8. Future Trends and Considerations
  9. Recommendations  


Prior to launching the service, I had discussions with over 100 members of the mobile communication and M2M ecosystem, who felt that definitions on the market are confusing and that there are gaps in the current M2M coverage that we could address. In defining the market, the GSMA includes devices like connected iPads and other media tablets, some Tier-1 MNOs include connected CE like picture frames, PNDs, and the like, while others including M2M specialists and M2MVNOs look solely to B2B applications.

With that in mind, Compass Intelligence assembled an executive team to review the market, refine the research strategy, determine the markets to be addressed in the research, review and confirm specific project deliverables, and confirm specific timelines and reporting schedules.

In addition to providing high value qualitative analysis, Compass Intelligence sizes the number of endpoints for this market for both business and consumer adoption and implementation. Business is broken out by size of business and vertical market or industry. Consumer is broken out by major multiple consumer segments including health and wellness and others. Major applications are also broken out including the areas such as digital signage, telematics, security, vending, and more.

Our analysis is based largely on primary research and direct discussions with service providers, hardware vendors, software vendors, integrators, and other various members of the Next-Gen M2M ecosystem. In addition, secondary research is used to complement the primary research efforts, fill any information gaps, and to provide initial market estimates.

We’d like to know what you think. Interviews are being scheduled now with members of the ecosystem including:

  • Service Providers
  • Platform Vendors
  • OSS/BSS Vendors
  • Embedded Module/Modem Vendors
  • Integrators
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Sensor Companies
  • Satellite Operators

To become a “foundational member” of our subscription service giving you the ability to help guide our research or to participate in a briefing with Compass Intelligence, contact us at:


Please visit Compass Intelligence to learn more:

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