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2011 Year-end Review Part 1: Best Small Business Help & Support Portal - Sprint

by htaylor 16. March 2012 16:24

Compass Intelligence recently released the year-end analysis results of the 49 companies tracked within its Small Business Online Portal Tracker. The year-end review examined more than 20 capabilities across multiple parameters over the four quarters of 2011. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are rated as the top 3 experiences online for Small Business customers. We examined aspects such as online learning, e-Commerce and Help & Support, while also using research conducted with Small Business Decision-makers for guidance.

When looking at Help & Support services, Compass Intelligence identified that Small Businesses need more than just the standard frequently asked questions database, they need additional tools such as Online Chat, Video Tutorials and downloadable Step-by-Step How-To guides.



While the majority of vendors do not currently offer all of these tools in an intuitive and simple to navigate centralized hub, Sprint is differentiating itself and standing out amongst its competitors by providing these tools, and much more.

The spacious design, easy to access Online Chat features, quick-links to popular tools and Community Forum topics provides an excellent hub for all Help & Support needs. The majority of these features are available to both existing and non-customers, however some features, such as Online Chat require authentication of account details before use.



Specific product support is also available, providing access once again to a myriad of options such as Community Forum topics, Video Tutorials, large product images and Most-viewed Topics from the Self-serve Knowledge Base.

Sprint's ability to provide all of these capabilities while maintaining a simple and intuitive site design, makes them stand out as a top performer when it comes to delivering an enriched Help & Support experience to Small Businesses.

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Sean Rowe, Portal Researcher & Expert Guide of Compass Intelligence, is an Online Customer Experience researcher with over 6 years experience within the Telecom industry and additional 2 years experience within the research field. Sean manages the Small Business Online portal for Compass Intelligence, where over 50 vendors are tracked on a monthly basis and rated against over 40 different criteria. You can contact Sean by emailing

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