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What's Next?: The Future of mHealth

by Stephanie Atkinson 25. April 2012 12:30

The mobile healthcare market has evolved to fulfill specific needs for its patients. Most of the vendors have capitalized on the voids within this segment, offering products and services that improve the possibilities of remote monitoring, while reducing overhead costs related to travel. Compass Intelligence believes that this is the right time to innovate and offer novel technologies that can be readily accepted and adopted by the growing needs of the mobile health market. Compass Intelligence also predicts that interactive applications, such as those dealing with diagnostics and treatment will be in high demand in the near future, particularly as patients in remote locations look to be connected to healthcare personnel at all times.

Healthcare vendors are collaborating with other companies to increase and improve their mobile health offerings, in fact cross-platform collaboration to stabilize and cross-promote mobile health applications is very commonplace at this time. Many healthcare vendors are also conscious of the security issues pertaining to data transfers over mobile and wireless systems. Thus, many vendors are concentrating on improving their services by offering greater security for data transfers between patients and healthcare personnel. Compass Intelligence believes that dependence on technologies such as machine to machine connectivity (M2M) will greatly improve the healthcare user experience.

Though Mobile Health (mHealth) initiatives are still relatively new, they have attracted a strong response from product and service vendors, who are hoping to expand into this growing segment. Below are a few of the top vendors who cater to the healthcare and more specifically the mHealth sector

The mHealth market is something that most technology vendors are familiar with (although with varying definitions), but Compass Intelligence finds that many physicians, clinicians, and nurses are not very familiar with the term, but may be more familiar with the applications and uses of mobility or wireless in healthcare.  The mHealth market includes a number of areas that Compass Intelligence has identified including:

•  Mobilizing Point of Care 

•  Health & Wellness Mobile Applications 

•  Wireless Patient Tracking & Monitoring

•  Mobile health carts, smartphones, handhelds, laptops/tablets, scanners…

•  Electronic and Patient Health Records

•  Telemedicine and Mobile Cloud

•  Machine-to-Machine, Connected Health

However we define the market, wireless and mobility is becoming a common theme in healthcare applications, processes, and access to medical information.  This market will continue to evolve, and vendors in this space are exploring new and innovative solutions of how wireless can help improve patient care, improve practice operations, and enhance clinician communications.

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Stephanie Atkinson - Managing Partner at Compass Intelligence, High-Tech Consultant/Analyst, Mother, TX Aggie, Dallas native, TX hillcountry resident, Interests: Tech, Telecom, Mobility, M2M,and the use of Tech in business.  You can reach her at or follow her on twitter.

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