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The Online Sales Assistant: Part 2 – HP Desktop Recommender

by htaylor 30. April 2012 09:04

We move away from the telecom market to take a look at how the technology provider HP helps Small Businesses find the right solution for their computing needs.

HP provides a great experience for finding individual product solutions, but could still work on integrating these mixed experiences into a solid centralized experience.

Small Business Decision-makers like to feel empowered when making a purchase decision, so by providing a comparison table list at the end of the filtering selection really allows them to be in control of the overall process, but without the hassle of sifting through hundreds of products.

Overall, the way the HP product finder works is great by providing relevant information for products accurate to the technical needs of the business, but with separated sections for individual products and no centralized finder for all products & services, decision-makers are still left navigating different sections of the site to fulfill all their needs.


Key Points:

  •   Multiple versions based on product being purchased, but accessed through a centralized purchasing help section.
  •   Easy to use, through filtering contextual menu on left
  •   Reduces length of comparison table based on filters applied
  •   Comparison table provides essential information;
    • Price
    • Ability to proceed to checkout
    • Tech Specs
    • Links to reviews with customer rating system


Accessing the Solution Finder

Upon navigating to the Small Business landing page, users are presented with a simple “need help?” menu list at the bottom of the screen, with an option to select “need help deciding” as one of the lists. From here, we can select a number of solution finders based on the needs of the business, whether it be laptop and desktop finders or full server storage options.

After selecting the technical options required from the left expandable filter menu, decision-makers are presented with a comparison table of available results that match their needs. These comparison tables are packed with detail including price, customer ratings and technical specifications.

The overall navigation is simple and intuitive, but once again, due to the multiple experiences, based on products required, there is still some area of improvement.


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Sean Rowe, Portal Researcher & Expert Guide of Compass Intelligence, is an Online Customer Experience researcher with over 6 years experience within the Telecom industry and additional 2 years experience within the research field. Sean manages the Small Business Online portal for Compass Intelligence, where over 50 vendors are tracked on a monthly basis and rated against over 40 different criteria. You can contact Sean by emailing

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