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Changing Landscape of Market Research

by Stephanie Atkinson 2. May 2012 10:49

I have worked in the telecom/IT industry for more than 14 years, and have been working in market research for about 10 years now. Much has changed over the past ten years for market research or has it? Market research, especially in the telecom, IT and tech arena, has definitely evolved over the past decade in my opinion.  When I first started in the market research world, much of the research was vendor-based and the reports were 100+ pages long.  Now, our firm, is definitely more focused and specialized around end-user and decision-maker based intelligence, and to be frank most folks do not want to even read reports.  In addition, in many cases they already have the data and insights but just need 3rd party validation.  Here are some other observations:

  • Shift away from lengthy (fluffy) reports, and a move to bite-sized 3 to 4-page reports or presentations (Videos are also hot!).
  • Much stronger interest in surveys with consumers, business end-users and decision-makers.
  • High level information can be found on the Internet (although somewhat skeptical and sometimes shady) and this perception means folks want actionable deep level market intelligence.
  • Stronger interest in industry or size of business specific research and information (not high level), and sub-industry is becoming increasingly important.
  • Traditional market research is of less interest, and clients want to get creative with a host of deliverables, consulting, and even content development.
  • Relationships with the consultants and analysts are more important, that is why customers will follow the analyst where they go
  • New forms of market intelligence are emerging (i.e. combining segment level market intelligence with ongoing web content development), digital agencies for the most part do not always understand business customers and how to talk "their" talk.
  • Client needs are also much more dynamic than in the past, flexibility is key but budgets still (for the most part) decided up front, so retainer options are also becoming more attractive so the client can pick and choose and make changes as needed.
  • Other emerging services we see as beneficial are ideation sessions, catalyst events, solutions mapping, partner engagement, and solution portfolio development.

These are just a few of my observations, and I believe Compass Intelligence is at the cutting edge in market intelligence services.  We continue to listen to our clients and adapt our services.  Although Compass Intelligence will always maintain our database of market forecasts and trending, we believe that this is just the foundation of our much larger portfolio of services and capabilities.


Stephanie Atkinson - Managing Partner at Compass Intelligence, High-Tech Consultant/Analyst, Mother, TX Aggie, Dallas native, TX hillcountry resident, Interests: Tech, Telecom, Mobility, M2M,and the use of Tech in business.  You can reach her at or follow her on twitter.


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