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The Online Sales Assistant: Part 3 – Staples Product Concierge

by htaylor 7. May 2012 09:14

Every Small Business needs stationary and other office supplies, and one of the leading providers of these products is Staples.

The Product Concierge tool from Staples takes the hassle out of endlessly searching for products within online store by providing users with a personal shopping assistant. By e-mail, phone or online chat, users can ask for specific or groups of products or by explaining the actual needs and the shopping assistant will provide links directly to the staples page for each product or find the product elsewhere if they do not stock it. This is a great service for Small Businesses that already have limited time to be able to search for these products.

Key Points:

  • Available in multiple communication methods, Phone, E-mail or Online Chat.
  • Personalized shopping experience which takes you DIRECTLY to the product page.
  • Reduces length of time needed to search for products.
  • Available on-the-go with a Mobile App version of the Product Concierge tool for iPhone or Andriod devices.

Accessing the Concierge Service

The Staples landing page is very busy in appearance, and the Product Concierge tool isn’t available amongst the number of ads and links within the main content. Access is available through the ‘Help Center’ menu within the main navigation bar at the top.

From here, you can speak with an assistant through Phone, E-mail or Online Chat (between the hours of 8AM – 8PM EST). Staples allow for a much broader use of this tool by providing multiple avenues to communicate with a sales assistant. For those business users who are always on-the-go, the Staples mobile app also allows use of the Product Concierge at any time.

Overall, the Product Concierge tool is intuitive and detailed, with a personalized touch. While a busy appearance and congested look is visible on the landing page, this tool makes up for that with speedy response times on the live options (phone or online chat).


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